Indistractable Chapter 19

Chapter 19, Hack Back your Desktop

Eyal discusses a person who took heart at one of his conferences to declutter his digital space and clear all the files and folders on his desktop, and replace his busy desktop wallpaper with a black background. Instead of having all his files in random places on his desktop, he organized them into folders to find what he needs.

Eyal also discusses removing desktop notifications at least during focused work times, so those triggers are not requiring extra attention.

For my own desktop, I keep it clean with the exception of files that I need to upload or work on that week. The only desktop notification I have is for my work laptop, Outlook. While I have a Facebook and Twitter account, I don't allow those services to send me notifications. They're just not important to me.

Chapter Summary

  • Desktop clutter takes a heavy psychological toll on your attention. Clearing away external triggers in your digital workspace can help you stay focused.
  • Turn off desktop notifications. Disabling notifications on your computer ensures you won't get distracted by external triggers while doing focused work. 

Coronavirus update:

Apparently the states of New York, Connecticut, Illinois and California will be on some sort of lockdown or shelter in place order by the time the weekend is up. I didn't see how long the shelter in place order will be in effect, or heavily it'll be enforced.


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