Indistractable Chapter 20

Chapter 20, Hack Back Online Articles

Eyal takes this chapter to discuss the prevalence of keeping multitudes of tabs open, filled with articles yet to read but sound promising. I admit, I have that problem as well. I decided to keep mine all in one spot, emailing them to myself for the idea of using them as ideas for blog posts:

But so far, I've been ignoring the folder in favor of other things, like Coronavirus news (though much less of that now), chapters of Indistractable, and distracting myself with other nonsense. Eyal pairs keeping the articles in the Pocket app with only listening to the articles in the gym as a reward. He gets his cardio workout in, and enjoys his time learning something that isn't taking away from his time at his computer.

Eyal also discusses multichannel multitasking - being able to do two things at once that don't require full attention to one of the activities - similar to knowing how to do one thing so well that it becomes second nature, like, how to drive a car AND look for potential hazards in the roadway - if you're a competent driver, handling things likes brake, gas and steering wheel as second nature while you react to a deer in the road.

I installed Pocket, and I'll use that instead of Reddit to pass the time when I'm going for a walk or waiting in line and see how I like that change. I enjoy Reddit as both an educational tool and as a content provider for random mildly comedic things. I could benefit from whittling down the Blog Fodder folder and continuing to use it as possible future posts.

Chapter Summary:

  • Online articles are full of potentially distracting external triggers. Open tabs can pull us off course and tend to suck us down a time-wasting content vortex.
  • Make a rule. Promise yourself that you'll save interesting content for later by using an app like Pocket.
  • Surprise! You can multitask. Use multichannel multitasking like listening to articles while working out or taking walking meetings.

Coronavirus update:

Almost half of the cases in the US are from New York. Worldwide, we've hit the milestone number of 300,000 cases.


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