Timeboxing Review

I guess I am no good at timeboxing. I didn't get all the tasks done. Some days I didn't get one task done. I felt guilt for tasks I didn't complete, and eventually was just annoyed and didn't care. I tried revising to focus on just one project in a day, but that even didn't work. I didn't go to the gym very often at all, but I did get injured for part of the time. I think this biggest issue with timeboxing was not understanding how tired I might be on a particular day or severely underestimating the time it takes to complete some of the tasks.

I wasn't good at studying for the exam, then I learned last week that they are going to retire the exams in June in favor of other exams that only deal with Azure, which my company does not use. I'll ask my manager tomorrow to see if the certification will help my career progression at the company or not. If it doesn't matter, I'll still learn the material, just at a slower pace. If it does matter, I'll buckle down and work on that while I'm stuck at home.

I feel a LOT better, but I didn't watch the news, and only read two articles and watched one video about the Coronavirus. I spent some time doing videoconferencing, and it was nice to interact with people, seeing them. I didn't realize how social I really am. Just phone calls don't really cut it. I'll have to videoconference more often!

And here's today's case tally:


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