Groceries for the month

I'm done grocery shopping for the month! Maybe two months. I ordered my groceries delivered, as I thought it would be safer for me to interact with one possible coronavirus case rather than the number of people in the store. I chose Wegman's, as I've not tried their stuff yet and as I hit "Purchase Order" it let me know that my selected time was no longer available. Then I noticed that they had dropped my beer and wine selections. I went back to the home page, and there was a new banner "There will be no beer or wine available for delivery orders." I guess that's one way to make sure you aren't accidentally buying alcohol for an underaged person. So, between not getting a time slot, and not being able to buy alcohol, I switched my order to Food Lion. I needed onions and celery for the next several recipes, and I ordered some beer and wine, and ground turkey for picadillo, and cheese and eggs to add to my bean and rice tortillas.

The person that delivered my groceries left while I started unbagging. It wasn't until after her car had left that I had noticed that there were no onions. I know she bought them, because they were on the receipt, both online and on paper. I even just bought a bag of them, a bit too much, but I figured it would be easier than to pick them out from the pile, freestyle. Now I've purchased a 5lb bag of onions and someone else gets to use them. I hope they enjoy them!

But for my troubles, I got about $5 of cheddar cheese, and a banana from someone else's order. While roughly the same in cost as the onions, they won't flavor my ham and bean soup, shrimp stew, or picadillo quite the same.

This morning, I ran out to the grocery store for onions, oatmilk (which the shopper couldn't find) and another case of seltzer water, just because I walked by the display and will certainly drink it. I wore a mask, and it felt so odd, like I was going to rob the place or run out with onions without paying. Only two other customers and one grocery store clerk wore a mask, but everyone was social distancing.

I froze half the ground turkey, and put the rest back in the fridge. Tomorrow or Thursday, I'll make picadillo to eat for a few days, as I have two servings left of the carnitas.


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