How does time fly?

I'm in the middle of the fourth week of working from home and it feels like the fourth year. I'm happy that I have my desk at home set up just like my desk at work, same keyboard, mouse, two monitors and docking station. The only difference now is that I'm in a room larger than my cubicle and much closer to the kitchen.

But, the days fly by with report requests, deploys, external file requests, conversations about work and not work with coworkers, walks around the apartment complex and sometimes down to the local trail, chores, writing, working out - but mostly stretching and PT exercises.

I don't understand how it's 10pm. But I also don't understand how I feel like I'm living in this Groundhog Day universe. Is it Wednesday? Monday? I know it isn't the weekend because my alarm wakes me earlier than I would prefer. Other than that, I look in my fridge and try to discern when I need to cook and when I need to freeze.

Happily, my order of hot sauces arrived, though, so that is the last thing I have being delivered to me for the foreseeable future. I might run out of coffee and have to have Target deliver some coffee to me in a few weeks.


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