Things have slowed down

I went out for a walk/run today, 28:30 for 1.7 miles. I also cooked some Picadillo and read more of my book from Douglas Adams, and caught up on the news.

I learned about the file formats MP1 and MP2. I thought about how we used MP3 for audio and MP4 for video,and wondered what 1 and 2 were. The other files were audio formats that didn't have as much compression as MP3. There was a lot on the Wikipedia pages about psychoacoustic models, codecs and the best software name for the non-standard MP2.5 - LAME. It's extra great, because it's a recursive acroym - LAME Ain't a MP3 Encoder.

Here's the rabbit hole I went down, and I don't quite know enough except right now I need to go back so I can get to bed!

I feel like I should go back to some of my old Sound Engineering books I have back when I thought I was going to be an audio engineer about 14 years ago. I know I had in my possession, so I'll have to look for in in my book case. Or, maybe just rebuy it if I don't find it.


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