Rambling, really.

Today I sat in meetings. Staff meetings, meetings about cubicles, meetings about tickets, meetings about code. I did manage to find two bugs in someone else's code via testing, so I was rather pleased about that. It reminded me of what I liked about being QA - finding the bugs. I didn't like the regression testing or having to find every test case, because many times there were cases you didn't think about that the average user would do.

Think about the people who warning tags are written for. "Do not iron clothes while wearing them." "Do not ingest bleach." These, I think, are the test cases I would miss. "Well, did you test for the case where the user was trying to register but didn't have a keyboard?" Who the heck is using a desktop computer without a keyboard? Yes, there are now in-screen keyboards on tables and phones and desktop and laptops with touchscreen monitors, but they all still have keyboard input in some fashion.

After three years of Project Management/Quality Assurance, I switched to IT, specifically, Report Writing as a way to get me in the door for a database role. Happily, it worked. I'm a junior database administrator, working closely with a database administrator with 25 years of experience to my 7, and 4 of them being a report writer and gaining SQL coding expertise.

I realize my 30 day challenges have fallen by the wayside due to the pandemic. In fact, a lot of the habits I hoped to have by now are in the same spot, sadly. However, I am reading books, looking at the news much less, continuing to write daily, and waking up at roughly the same time. Some things took hold. My piano playing and working out has not. I've done them a few times over the past month, but definitely not enough considering I am home all the time and have no commute whatsoever. I was doing well when I decided to start my lunch time with working out, because I could end it by cooking, then eating at my desk while continuing to work. I'll keep that going. I also will change the time that I want to play piano. I'll just do it right after I log off of work. That'll be the trigger. Work done. Work laptop put to sleep. Head to piano.

That'll be another try at my habits.


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