Moving around to make music easier

I moved my desk out of my living room into my dining room due to my downstairs neighbors and their music a few months ago. I believe my last communication with them got them to listen to heavy bass music either quieter or less frequently. However, I'm not going to move my desk back to my living room, because the light in the dining room is a little better, both natural and artificial.

I removed the chairs and leaf from the table and put them in my guest room, as I don't expect to have any guests anytime soon. Today, I've put the dining table in the living room and the keyboard into the dining room, facing the window and plugged it in and hooked it up to my computer.

I'm now proficient enough to get FL Studio to record my piano, with piano sounds, even! (My first foray ended up recording on the kick drum track.) Sadly, there's a lag between the computer and my USB headphones, and there's a slight pause between the first two measures of the metronome and the actual song. It's also difficult to go from computer to keyboard in two measures (a normal amount of time if you're actually at your keyboard ready to record) and I end up either rushing, or taking extra measures to start playing. I think I'll turn off the countdown as I just can't get there that fast, and just move the piano in the track in FL Studio to measure 1 and take my time getting to the piano and not pay any mind to the slight pause between the countdown metronome and the recording metronome.

I was hoping to have a silly demo to post, but I need more practice, both in playing piano and in moving the notes in the piano track. Perhaps I'll get to that part tomorrow!


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