The Problem with Pocket

I installed Pocket a few months back in an attempt to collect and organize the numerous articles I had gathered over the last year or so. I have a bad habit of researching something, getting a 101 level education, being interested it more information but I don't have enough time that day and end up saving the articles in tabs I had opened that were relevant to my research. Not wanting to just throw them away - the internet is a big place, and I might forget what I looked at if I go to the History tab of my browser - I email myself the article so I can refer to it later.

Except I never get to that second part.

But I really want to! I'd love to be an authority on many things - music composition, photography, SQL and cooking! I thought the problem might have been not having all the articles organized by type or length, or ease of accessibility. Pocket might solve that for me!

It didn't. I bet it's not completely Pocket's fault, though. I would absolve the application altogether, but they keep sending me digests of articles via email, which I don't get around to, and end up putting in the very same folder I wanted to take articles out of and put into Pocket. Here's what the folder looks like currently:

The solution is to just start deleting emails that aren't 100% interesting - kind of like Matt D'Avella and Tim Ferris who have decided "If the thing that will take up my time isn't a "hell yes!", then it's a "no"" because I'll always find new things to read and research. Off I go to delete all the "no" articles so I'm left with a set of "hell yes!" that I'll be excited to read.


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