Book 5 of the Chronicles of Prydain, The High King and I made oatmilk


I made oat milk tonight, as I've run out of Planet Oat oat milk, and I am attempting to use up everything in my pantry and fridge and freezer before heading back to the grocery store. I'll be eating a lot of rice and beans and chicken in the future. However, I'll be looking for a recipe to make tomato sauce, as I have two cans of tomatoes, some butter, spices, and two boxes of pasta, and Parmesan cheese.

Dinner was chicken ramen with chunked chicken breast and seasoned with sesame oil. soy sauce, ginger and chili paste.

I started the fifth and "last" book of the series The Chronicles of Prydain. It's about as thick as the last book and the author warns that it's a heavier read than the previous four. I'm looking forward to a successful wrap up of the characters. I put 'last' in quotes above because the author just came out with a prequel for the series, so I'll have to read that after I'm done with book five!


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