Finished Taran Wanderer, book 4 of Chronicle of Prydain

Taran had dropped his quest to find the Mirror in hopes of understanding who his parents are, and decided to find a trade within the Commot Folk. He tried to be a smith and forged his own sword, but it didn't please him to do the work. He found the weaver and worked at the loom to weave his own cloak but it also didn't please him. He found the potter and was happy shaping clay until he started to compare his finished products to the master sculptor. Many people attempted to have him learn patience and he would fair better with each attempt, but he eventually decided that he did want to learn who his parents were by seeking the Mirror. He was successful with his quest, but the mirror didn't show him anything other than what he already knew, and decided to go back home to the farmstead he worked at the beginning of the book.

While this was a fun adventure and Taran learned plenty, the end just didn't seem like an end. It almost felt like giving up, instead. He could have chosen to continue with his new trades, or to find others that might help him in his quest to find out who his parents are, but instead after dabbling in three trades and facing several bands of marauders, he decides he is going to travel back to his home. Hopefully book 5, the last in the series, will tie it up well, as it felt like the author realized he'd gone over his word count limit and needed to wrap up this book quickly.

I'll get book 5 and start on that next week! 


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