Day 18 of wine and cheese and gym

Today, I got a full day of work done, then hit the gym for a full arm/chest routine workout. It'll be interesting to see how my first workout compares to the one I'll do on the 31st. I figured out that Blogger includes Labels for the posts, so I can start tagging per challenge or topic. As the month goes on, I'm thinking a Dry January as well as No (Obvious) Sugar Added sounds like two challenges that would work well together. I put in (Obvious) as I'm not interested in scolding myself if I go out to eat and later find out a dressing happened to have a few grams of sugar. I'll avoid things that obviously have sugar, like avoiding Balsamic Vinaigrette and instead always dressing salads with red wine vinegar, which doesn't have sugar. I don't want to be the annoying person when I go out to eat, and I also don't want to stop going out to eat for the month. But while it's December, the wine and cheese continues on...

Today's wine is another Red Blend. Smells smooth and jammy, but the taste is smoky and semi dry. Probably because I just ate dinner, which was extra spicy Thai leftovers. The wine doesn't seem as good as it did in other instances, but it could be the day, what I already ate, or the wine isn't as good as previous bottles.

The Gouda cheese is surprisingly hard and dry. I'm going to guess it sat out too much before being packaged - I've now eaten a fair amount of Gouda now, and it is soft and mellow and mild. This piece is dry and a bit sharper. The mouthfeel reminds me more of a Parmesean than Gouda. And as a pairing, these just don't work. I think it's due to this particular piece of cheese and bottle of wine, and not red blend and Gouda overall. Hopefully tomorrow will have a nicer wine and cheese!


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