Day 20, Merlot, Hot and Spicy Gouda, Legs routine, Christmas movie

I slept very well and didn't wake up until 7:30. I was so excited about that! I tried to continue to read Jacob Lund Fisker's Early Retirement Extreme book, but his voice is so condescending I only manage half a chapter before I want to throw the book. I'm 37% of the way through it. THAT would be a real challenge. Getting through the book and attempting to look at his point of view in a positive light.

I got the mail and then to the gym for my legs routine. I'm heading out soon to a friend's house to watch a movie with them and another friend. Apparently we'll be watching a Christmas movie, which seems rather appropriate.

Today is Merlot! It smells jammy and of dark berries and cherry and tastes much more tart and with a load of tannins. Surprising! It tastes drier than it smells, as well. The description is "An elegant, rich and fruity Merlot from Chile's Valle Central. Intense fruit flavors of cherry and plum intertwine with sumptuous aromas of coffee and chocolate. A beautiful wine that will suit numerous occasions." Hopefully it suits an occasion with some Gouda cheese, because that's what I have. The wine indeed is very intense and fruit forward. Not sure if I would call it elegant. Maybe the cheese will make it elegant!

Wow. Either this piece has more spice than normal, or the Merlot is bringing the spice out. The cheese does tame the tannins of the wine, but at a price. I'd like to have a cooler experience, like a creamy Havarti paired with the Merlot. It's not a bad pairing, and the cheese certainly makes the wine more enjoyable. I wish I had a bigger piece of cheese to go along with this rather full bodied wine. I don't think the Mexican Shredded cheese in my fridge will fit the bill. I'll just have to drink the wine by itself now, which has turned into a nice, but not yet elegant, wine, once you get used to the tannins. While I'd not buy a bottle of this wine, it isn't a bad example of Merlot.


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