Sauvignon Blanc and White Cheddar

Another successful day at the gym, and a weird lunch. I ate Loma Linda Italian Bolognese with Pasta, and it was ... food ... that I don't intend to eat ever again. I guess if nuclear winter happens and that was the last thing in the shelter pantry I would eat it.

But onto better food, I hope:

Ah, the Sauvignon Blanc again! It smells light and sweet, like honey and melon. The taste, however is much tarter. It tastes of pear and apple and honey. Since I've already had the Sauvignon Blanc before, I decided to aerate it to see how that changes the characteristics. It has a more mellow smell. Still sweet and of honey, but not as pronounced. The taste, though is much mellower and has a milder honey taste.

The white cheddar smells a lot like the aged cheddar. It's firm and mild and nice, but nothing amazing nor complex. Even paired with the wine, it does nothing. It's an inoffensive pair. Nothing detracts, but they don't add another element to the cheese or wine. At least it's nice and mild?


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