Everything's down!!!

What a day! We had the end of year company brunch/lunch/activity and everyone got the rest of the day off. One of my coworkers and I were lamenting having to go, because while we think we work with excellent people, we personally aren't fans of company sanctioned fun. It started at 10:30... but serious production issues started at 10:24. So half the IT group needed to stay in order to diagnose, fix, test and redeploy. Happily, I skipped out on the brunch (though I did sneak in to grab a breakfast sandwich) and helped the team by deploying code fixes and switch plugins and configure file settings. It was much better than most activities, and still accomplished the same goal. A team of people banded together in a time of crisis to act swiftly and fix an issue in a timely manner without any disagreements or complaints. We worked so hard, though, it felt like we did work an 8 hour day... just in 4 hours. Since we missed the brunch, the CIO came over to thank us for our help in fixing the issue and told us to have lunch on the company credit card sometime next week. Nice!

After the half day of work, I went to the gym and did my leg and core routine, and then came here to change and drink wine and eat cheese. I'll be meeting up with another friend at 5 this evening for dinner, then I'll be done with my busy week! While I like to have a lot of things to do, I'm looking forward to having a much calmer day tomorrow.

Onto the wine!

Colombard. Huh. I've never had one before. Also, the reason why it looks like an empty bottle is because... it's an empty bottle. I forgot to take a picture until I poured the wine. Oops. The wine was... not great. Had a metal aftertaste. It's like the worst parts of a Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay together. Smells light but high acidity with a touch of bright fruits. The aftertaste of the steel barrel it must have settled in was apparent. The description states, "Crisp and refreshing, this zesty white has an aromatic lemony style." I agree with lemony zest. Not so much with refreshing. Maybe the cheese will help?

You might realize that the cheese, Edam, is next to the number 11. Yes. I put it next to the wrong number when I took the picture, and now I've eaten the cheese. This is what happens when you rush. Anyhow, the cheese doesn't smell very much at all. It reminds me of Havarti, just not quite as creamy or soft. It tastes very nice, though! I'd buy more of that with flavored crackers. Ooh, I bet it would be nice with a rosemary cracker. I'll have to try that out. With this pairing of the Colombard and Edam, the cheese does help! It softens the wine and masks some of the metallic aftertaste. While I wasn't a fan of the wine, the cheese with it certainly turns it from a tough to drink wine into a drinkable wine.


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